Lodielocks Natural Hair Styling System

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'LODIELOCKS' is a simple way to start locking hair without the damage that palm rolling can cause. There are no special tools or expensive training! This method creates silkier, smoother locs and can also be worn by Naturalistas that don't plan to lock their hair permanently!

It is the ULTIMATE in 'Protective' hair styling systems... protecting both the ends and roots of the hair strand!!

Who created the Lodielocks Styling System?

The Mother/Daughter team of Deborah Cooper-Asberry & Lauren Asberry used Lodielocks to start and maintain their waist length locs. They developed the System to create smoother, silkier locs when they decided they didn't want 'skinny, stringy' locs that required tools and didn't move freely. "It was really important to me that when I shook my head, my hair would flow!" says Deborah with a laugh. "I just wanted a style that would let me express my personality and give me options," states Lauren.  "Sometimes you want a short bob, other times you want locs hanging down your back. Lodielocks offers me both options and so many more!!"